A Review of Some of My Favorite Products in Health and Wellness


Sometimes when you’re as into health and wellness as I am, the amount of health products, whether it’s food, exercise equipment, or body care, can be overwhelming.  While I’m always searching for the latest and greatest in the health world, I thought I would share with my readers some of my favorite products and brands when it comes to exercise, food, and beauty products!


When it comes to exercise clothing, more and more retailers are popping up every day.  While I know many people love their Lulu, I’m more inclined to go for the cheaper options, just because I buy so much of it.  The top four places I shop for work out garb are:

1) Kohl’s

I swear by their yoga capris.  I just ordered a new pair and love them.  They’re perfect for not only yoga, but any type of gym routine or exercise class.  The capris are also super comfy, so sometimes I just wear them when I’m feeling lazy!  My go to brand is TekGear and at a price range of $10 to $30 dollars, how can you go wrong?

2) Target

Target is my favorite for shorts and sports bras.  Although Target is more expensive than Kohl’s, they have great quality shorts that are cheaper than Nike shorts, yet look and feel exactly the same.  I love the variety they offer, especially the hundreds of different sports bra options.

3) Forever 21

While Forever 21 is known for it’s cheap everyday clothing, their work out selection is also great.   Their pants and shorts never fit me right, but if you’re looking for a cheap and extremely comfortable sports bra, you can find one for 5 dollars.  Their exercise  tanks are also very fashionable, but still much cheaper than Lulu, and get the job done.

4) Athleta

Finally, Athleta is my go-to for headbands.  I haven’t found any other exercise headbands that don’t slip off and are as stylish as theirs.  They offer lots of styles at a decent price.

5) Spotify

Spotify may not be a brand of clothing, however it is my favorite music app to use when I’m working out.  I love that on your computer you can make the perfect exercise playlist and then shuffle it on your phone or you can use one of their pre-made workout playlists, which I love.  If you pay for premium, you have even more options when it comes to playing the music you want.

6) Camelbak Waterbottle

I love, love, love this waterbottle.  I not only use it when I work out, but I bring it everywhere with me.  It’s easily transportable and doesn’t contain any BPA or harmful plastic chemicals!


I had to resist the temptation to take a picture of everything in my fridge, because I love all of it.  Fresh fruits and veggies aside, Trader Joe’s is by far my favorite food brand.  Not only do they have a wide variety of dried fruits, nuts, and healthy snacks, but all of their health products are so affordable.  The chia seeds pictured above are about 3 dollars less than the kind you would buy at Whole Foods.  The majority of Trader Joe’s items are all natural and a large amount is organic.  Some of my favorite goodies from TJ’s include the jumbo raisins and figs above, the dried mangoes, dark-chocolate seasalt covered almonds, lentil chips, and the quinoa and black bean tortilla chips.  Once you set foot inside the store, you won’t be able to resist their amazing products and prices.


By far, the best all-natural beauty regimen I swear by is coconut oil.  Yes, the coconut oil I have is also from Trader Joe’s (because it’s affordable and great quality!) but a lot of other companies sell it.  Coconut oil is so versatile and the uses range from cooking to body lotion.  I tend to only use it as a skin product because it leaves my skin so soft and smooth and smelling delicious.  Coconut oil is an amazing beauty tool and can be used as a moisturizer, hair mask, and use as a natural deodorant.  For a full list of all of its uses and benefits, check out this Greatist article!



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