Eye Health with Phonetic Eyewear

A big part of living a healthy lifestyle is caring for all parts of your body and not just focusing on one area of health. Being a blogger and having a job that requires me to stare at a computer screen all day makes me constantly worry about my eye health. While I don’t need glasses just yet, I’m always thinking about ways to prevent eyesight degeneration that comes from a screen-heavy lifestyle. Thankfully, Phonetic Computer Eyewear had the perfect solution! Continue reading

Chai Banana Bread Overnight Oats


There’s nothing quite like that comforting cinnamon smell that floods the kitchen when baking banana bread. Or the spicy warmth that accompanies a sip of freshly-brewed chai tea. With the use of bananas, oats, and some simple spices, both of these sensations come together in my Banana Bread Chai Overnight Oats.

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