Four Healthy and Refreshing Summer Snacks

As the summer approaches and the warm weather is upon us, we find ourselves craving cool and refreshing snacks. Here is a list of some light recipes, perfect for the beach or pool, guaranteed to keep you feeling energized and ready to tackle a day in the sun.


1. Infused Water

In the heat, nothing is more important than staying hydrated. Rather than traditional, boring water, try infusing your water with fruits and herbs! Infused water offers a great alternative to soda and other juices that are heavy in sugar and calories. Some of my favorite fruits to infuse water with are citrus fruits and berries. Oranges, strawberries, and mint leaves are a great combination. To infuse your water, chop up the fruit and herbs, add them to a pitcher of water, and stick it in the fridge for a couple of hours. If you’d prefer, you could step it up a notch and purchase a water bottle infuser, with a special compartment that holds the fruit. Find them here.


 2. Frozen Grapes

After one of my friends introduced me to this, there was no looking back. Frozen grapes are a simple alternative to popsicles or candy and are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. All you have to do is throw a bunch of grapes in the freezer (make sure you wash them first!) and wait a couple of hours. These are a perfect way to cool down after a long day outside and they also make a great post-workout snack.


2. Sweet and Sour Cucumbers

These marinated cucumbers are a delicious way to get a serving of veggies, without having to stand near a hot oven or grill. Let the cucumbers soak in the marinade, I suggest using a gallon plastic bag, then stick them in the fridge to marinate and get cold. Grab the plastic bag before heading to the beach, throw it in your cooler, and you’ll have a tasty treat fuel you through the day! Find the recipe here.


4. Watermelon, Mint, and Lime Salad

Watermelon is my absolute favorite summer fruit and it tends to be my main food group in the summer. This salad is tart and sweet and perfect for summer BBQ’s or as dessert! Chop up watermelon and throw it into a bowl. Squeeze half a lime, or a quarter if you like it less tart, over the watermelon. Chop up some mint and add it to the watermelon. Mix together and eat it right away or place it in the fridge to eat as a cold treat later.

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