Martha’s Vineyard: A Great Vacation for a Health Nut!

Hi Friends!

This past week I went vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard for our annual family get away. It wasn’t until this year that I realized what an amazing destination it is for all health conscious people out there!


The Island offers so many healthy things to do.  Every place you drive, you will see a cute farm stand on every corner.  One of my favorites that we visited was the Mermaid Farm, a cute little shed full of fresh-picked, locally grown fruits and vegetable and hormone-free dairy products.  Morning Glory Farm is another one of my favorites and offers an even larger selection of produce, as well as beautiful, freshly-picked flowers.  There are also a handful of teaching farms on the Island that give you the fun experience of working with your hands and getting dirty with the land to further your plant-growing knowledge.


The wildlife on MV is another great aspect that creates amazing hiking trails and beautiful views.  Rather than sticking with the same old workout routine, switch it up and take a ride up island for beautiful views and a fun climb.  Or, if you’re into biking, the bike trails on the Island let you ride almost anywhere.

Last but not least, the beaches will give you the relaxing element your vacation needs.  The numerous beaches give you a lot of choices on where to go, although my personal favorite is State Beach.  It’s an easy, beautiful beach with sparkling water for your daily dose of vitamin D and a refreshing swim.  Just remember to wear your sunscreen!



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