My Top Health Inspiration Websites

Are you sick of the same old routine at the gym? Want to find a delicious, healthy dinner to cook this weekend? The web can be overwhelming when it comes to finding new health information. I’ve made it a little easier for you by sharing some of my top web pages that I visit daily! Here are some of my favorite health and fitness websites that’ll provide you with new workout ideas, yummy recipes, and positive living tips.


1. Greatist

I love Greatist because it focuses on three important essential things for college students: fitness, health, and happiness. The fitness and health section are great resources for new exercise routines and recipes, as well as health news regarding exercise, nutrition, and alcohol. The happiness page offers tips on dealing with stress and sleep, two subjects that apply to all of us. The articles on Greatist are informative, interesting, and constantly address new subjects in health. Check this website daily to stay updated with all the latest healthy living info!


2. FitSugar/YumSugar

FitSugar and YumSugar both belong to the website PopSugar. PopSugar has many different categories, such as Beauty and Celebrity News, but the fitness and food sections are my favorite. FitSugar offers free workouts and workout videos that could easily be done in your dorm room. It also provides weight loss inspiration for those of you looking to shed a couple of pounds. My favorite parts about FitSugar are the pages about workout gear and workout clothes. Make sure to take a look at these if you want some tips on the most stylish, yet effective, workout outfits! YumSugar is amazing because not only does it provide you with great recipes, but also there are basic cooking tips for those of us who aren’t so talented in the kitchen. The Party Planning page is also useful for those nights you want to host a dinner party and are in need of new cocktail and menu ideas.


3. Health Magazines Online

These three magazines took their information online and can also be accessed through apps on your phone. When I get sick of my ab workouts, I head right over to Fitness Magazine online for new ideas. All three websites have long lists of workouts for the parts of your body you’re trying to tone, whether it’s abs, butt, or thighs. Each site also allows you to build your own workout plan and give tips on weight loss and healthy eating. Tired of the same twenty tunes on your workout playlist? Make sure to look at Shape’s intense, calorie-burning workout playlists to get some new song ideas.


4. Pinterest

And finally, the one you’ve all been waiting for: the addicting, amazing, incredibly useful website that is Pinterest. Pinterest provides an array of entertainment and tips, whether it’s DIY crafts, fashion ideas, or beauty remedies. My favorite category is, of course, health and fitness. It’s easy to get caught up in the billions of drool-inducing recipes in the food and drink section, so if you’re trying to eat healthy make sure you stick to the health and fitness boards! The health and fitness category is an endless inventory of workout, nutrition, and motivational information. I’ve found thousands of small tips on Pinterest that improve my workouts and eating habits. It may seem overwhelming at first, but there are lot of helpful pins with tips and tricks. Looking for a specific topic in health and fitness? Type it into the search bar and you’re guaranteed to find something for whatever you’re looking for. Spend some time browsing through the pins and have fun discovering a new running routine, some muscle-soothing yoga, a healthy cookie recipe, or a motivational quote to get you through those five miles you plan on running. The possibilities are endless!

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