My Summer Essential: Pure FIT Studio


For those of you that live in my little town of Reading MA, there’s been a recent increase in the amount of gyms and fitness studios opening in our area. It’s exciting to see a variety of workout options coming to the town, when just a couple years ago there was only one or two gyms. Pure Fit Studio is one of these new studios, but it stands out among the rest.

The studio, owned by Catarina and Jason Cipriani, opened in 2014. With LED lights, bamboo flooring, weights made out of recycled metal, and Natural Fitness equipment, Pure Fit has an eco-friendly vibe that can’t be found at other fitness spaces. “I wanted to create a space that embraces an eco-conscious design and philosophy, while delivering the highest level of fitness instruction to help our clients accomplish their objectives,” says Catarina. “Embedding our green philosophies into the fitness side seemed like a very natural fit, and we have generated a great community that agrees and are feeling the benefits every day.”

Photo Courtesy of Pure Fit Studio

Photo via Pure Fit Studio

As a member of that community, I couldn’t agree more. In addition to the eco-friendly element, the classes themselves are amazing. Catarina, Jason, Jenna, and all of the other instructors at Pure Fit know how to get you results: they push you over an edge you didn’t think you had. Their words of encouragement also force you to work your hardest, creating a dynamic teaching style that makes working out (surprisingly) fun. A wide variety of classes are offered with new ones constantly being added to the schedule . “We don’t have to stay strict to a certain curriculum just because it’s policy or other gyms or studios are doing it. We want the most effective strategies as possible for our community,” says Catarina.

Looking for some class recommendations? Pure Cycle/Box with Catarina is my personal favorite, combining 30 minutes of spinning with 30 minutes of boxing on eco-friendly air/water bags. You’ll be soaking wet by the end of this class. Tred and Shred with Jenna is great for a mix or cardio and strength training and Pure Burn with Jason will work your muscles until you can’t walk or lift up your arms. For more class options, including hot yoga, check out their schedule.

Most importantly, Pure Fit realizes that everyone is different and continuously reminds you to work with what your body can handle. “Having a studio that recognizes that every person is built differently and requires different fitness approaches, as well as having a facility that will never accept judgment or negativity, is critical, because negativity has no place at Pure FIT.  Having both of those things is what I would want as a member and is fulfilling as an owner.”


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