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About Me

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Thank you for visiting Body by Asia!  I’m thrilled that you’ve given this website a chance to help you improve your daily life through healthy recipes and wellness tips.

About Me

My name is Asia and I’m a recent graduate of Tulane University with a double major in Public Health and English. I recently became a NASM certified personal trainer and I love to spend my free time creating recipes, constructing fitness routines, and sharing strategies to improve health.

In addition to my personal adventures in nutrition and wellness, I have worked for some great role models, such as Sarah Anne Stewart and Fern Langham of Bliss Out Wellness, and unique companies, like the holistic health startup DaoCloud.  Working with these companies helped to solidify my passion for wellness and feeds my ambition to make whole living an essential part of my life.

My Mantra

I’m a firm believer in balance, specifically the  80/20 rule: nourish your body to the fullest 80% of the time and allow it some treats and not so healthy behavior 20% of the time.  I don’t restrict “bad food” but instead allow myself that dark chocolate at the end of the day or occasional slice of pizza.  I listen to my body and know when it needs a day off from the gym or time to heal.  Living a life of wellness is about becoming aware of your mind and body and nourishing it to the best of your abilities, without harming yourself or creating extra stress in the process.  I hope that this website inspires YOU to live the best you can and discover a life of happiness and wellbeing like I have done for myself.

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